Repackage your expertise into a digital product you can sell and deliver at scale

I help experts develop and advertise online learning experiences, so they can automate how they win and service new clients.

You're ready to create an online course, but you're stuck:

  • You've no problem teaching people in real life, but aren't sure how to plan your online course.
  • You're wasting time learning new technologies, instead of focusing on what you're already good at.
  • Your idea was simple, but now you're bogged down in details; like pricing, business models and marketing etc.
  • You've realised that promoting your online course is a full time job, unless you can advertise it.
  • You're not a fan of high-pressure sales tactics, but aren't sure how to promote and sell your course with authenticity.
  • You want to partner with a specialist who will help you create and promote your course, every step of the way.

Meet Brian

My background is in web development and I spent 10 years working as a professional teacher, so you'll have expert help setting up your software and producing your lessons.

Since 2010, I've trained thousands of learners online. One of my first challenges was marketing; I've learned that promoting an online course is a full time job, unless you can advertise.

When working with coaches and consultants, I aim to help them repackage their expertise into programmes which they can promote on autopilot, and deliver at scale.

One key lesson from my own journey, is that happy students make for the best customers, so I believe strongly that it's better to focus on teaching rather than clever marketing gimmicks.

I've also discovered that blended learning significantly enhances the learning experience and radically simplifies the production process.

Blended learning also allows you to go further with more clients, charge more for your course, and still enjoy the benefits of automation.

How I Help

It can be frustrating trying to create an online course alone.

Especially when you don't have a background in technology.

But nothing compares to the disappointment of creating a course that doesn't sell, or one that nobody ever hears about. 

That's why it's so important that you can advertise your course profitably.

So you don't end up drowning in digital marketing.

To advertise your course profitably, you need 3 things: 

  •  a way of targeting your ideal prospect.
  • a lead offer that proves you can teach.
  • a sales proposal that solves their problem. 

Because when you focus on educating your prospects, you won't need the usual "sales pitch".

Let me show you how to sell courses without telling people to hurry or getting them to buy impulsively.

Try my free workshop and let me teach you what I've learned about advertising and selling online courses.

Sign up now for this 40 minute on-demand workshop and get a complete plan for creating and selling your course - for free.  

Brian has worked with


Who I help

 Orla Maguire is a Guidance Counsellor who helps the parents of leaving certificate students to navigate all the career progression options available and make better decisions

Sean Lynch is the managing director of Qifa Financial Planning (Mallow, Co. Cork) and offers wealth management consulting and coaching to business owners who want to retire early.

Jacqui Taaffe is a Life & Mind Coach, Hypnotherapist, Amazon Bestselling Author and trainer with 25 years managerial experience in the development and progression of people.

Patrick Gavin is a MIACP Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist based in Mullingar, who specialises in CBT, anxiety and anger management.

Michelle O Brien BSc(Hons) Psych; H.Dip. Coun; MIACP is an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist based in Kilkenny who specialises in anxiety, relationships and self-esteem.

Rhett Rinaldi is a professional English teacher with 15 years experience specialising in the B2 level having worked in some of the worlds top English academie

Plan a premium course you can advertise profitably

This on-demand workshop will rapidly teach you how to create and run an advertising campaign to successfully sell your online course.

The workshop takes 40 mins to complete and includes short tasks, along with a 1-to-1 feedback call to turn your tasks into a unique plan for developing, marketing and selling your new programme.