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Brian Duffy is an e-learning specialist, web developer and digital marketer with a track record of selling his own online courses and helping others do the same. Brian started out as a web developer, working with blue chip organisations like Enterprise Ireland and Microsoft, before progressing into education and e-learning with the CDTEB. 

Brian can help you repackage your expertise into a digital product that delivers the value your clients expect in a way that scales. Critically, he will handle all the technical aspects for you; from developing your website and running digital ad campaigns, to planning lessons and editing videos.

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Who I help

Olivia Beck is a Clinical Nutritionist based in Limerick with many years experience helping people achieve optimal health through improved diet and lifestyle.

Carey Ann Lordan is a public relations and communications consultant, mentor and lecturer with over 15 years experience working with Irish businesses and the media.

Rhett Rinaldi is a professional English teacher with 15 years experience specialising in the B2 level having worked in some of the worlds top English academie

Sam Synott is the founder of BuddyBench Ireland, an award winning non-profit based in Kilkenny, that has made a positive impact on the mental well-being of more than 60,000 students in 330 primary schools across Ireland since 2016.

Patrick O'Sullivan is a sales trainer and consultant based in Limerick City with 10+ years helping Irish small business owners to grow their businesses by building out strategies and refining their sales skills.

Michelle O Brien BSc(Hons) Psych; H.Dip. Coun; MIACP is an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist based in Kilkenny who specialises in anxiety, relationships and self-esteem.

How I help

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Facebook ads

Facebook Ads

Join Brian on this blended workshop to get on-demand expert guidance and personal support planning a profitable Facebook ad campaign for your business.

Blended Workshops

Blended Workshops

Scale the way you solve complex problems for clients and make it easy for prospects to experience your value before investing in your premium service or digital product.

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Bespoke Solutions

Get expert help building your custom solution. Brian can help with everything from web development, video production, branding, ads and more.

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