Plan an ad campaign to sell online courses 

And experience a radically simplified way to create online courses using "the flipped classroom" method.

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On this free workshop you'll learn how to:

01. Target Your Audience

First, we'll explore the full range of options available to you when targeting your ideal prospects using Facebook and Instagram. With lots of examples and case studies, you'll get clarity on the best ways to target your audience and minimise your ad costs. 

02. Educate and Qualify

Then, we'll explore the various types of lead magnets (webinars, free consultations, challenges, workshops etc.) and how they differ in terms of educating your market, qualifying leads and winning new clients for your online programme.

03. Optimise Your Campaign

Finally, I'll show you the complete user experience for someone who buys a course on the back of an ad campaign. You'll get clarity on how to set sales targets, your price, your budget - and why those 3 numbers are important when it comes to running your ads with confidence and optimizing your campaign.

What is the "flipped classroom" method?

The "flipped classroom" is a type of blended learning that's proven to increase student engagement and learning by having students watch presentations and complete exercises on their own time (on-demand), and focus on problem-solving during face time with their instructor. 

Using this method, learners can enjoy shorter, more engaging lessons (which they can complete at their own pace), and course creators can significantly reduce the amount of time (as well as the costs) associated with creating their online lessons. 

96% of teachers who have flipped a lesson would recommend that method to others.

Flipped Learning Network

82% of students prefer a blended learning environment to a traditional one.

Macro Connect

The flipped classroom increased the graduation rate in one of the worst schools in the US to 90%

Wabi-Sabi Learning

Blended learning is more affordable. Saving $2,400 per student on average compared to the traditional models

Allied Market Research

Blended learning increases information retention by up to 60%. (Reported by E-Learning Industry)

E-Learning Industry

9 out of 10 teachers noticed a positive change in student engagement since flipping their classroom

Meet Brian

Nothing compares to the disappointment of creating an online course that you can't sell, and that's what happens when you don't have a sales and marketing plan built in from the start.

Since 2010, I've trained thousands of students online and learned the hard way that promoting an online course is a full-time job, unless you can advertise it.

You shouldn't have to become a digital marketing expert to connect with motivated learners, and you don't need to understand any tech stuff to get the most from this workshop.

Sign up for free to learn how you can plan an ad campaign to sell your online course (explained in plain English), and experience a radically simplified way to create online courses using "the flipped classroom" method.

Brian Duffy is an e-learning consultant based in Co. Kerry and has been running online courses since 2010. Brian's background is in web development and he has 10 years experience as a multimedia and digital marketing teacher with Ballsbridge College in Dublin. 

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