Built with you



I will help you to:

  • plan a workshop or live training event
  • develop a landing page for people to register
  • develop a sales page that gets people to pay (optional)
  • setup and manage an ad campaign to promote your event
  • design and write all required sales copy 
  • deliver your training and manage your event
  • plan a package and develop a sales page
  • sell your package to people who attend your event
  • automate your event
  • optimise your ad campaign for maximum sales

I will also:

  • develop a bespoke software solution for you
  • handle all the technology and software setup and management
  • proactively manage the project and keep it moving forwards
  • provide you with any training or tech support you need
  • host your website software and manage plugin licenses
  • guide and support you through the process at every step


  • a WordPress website on fast, secure web hosting
  • a landing page for your event
  • a sales page for your event
  • your recorded lessons
  • an automated workshop that produces high ticket sales
  • a database of leads
  • a customer relationship management (CRM) system for managing leads
  • a Facebook ad campaign optimised for conversions
  • any required training needed to manage your business processes


  • The biggest risk is that you'll get stuck and won't ask for help, or procrastinate instead of taking action. The best solution for this is a work schedule that you stick to religiously (outside of holidays). 
  • How fast we go is up to you. I recommend you schedule 2-4 hour each week of focused, scheduled, undistracted, disciplined work. Even when you don't feel like it. And at the end of your scheduled time, to send a communication updating us on the status of whatever you working on. The key to going fast on a project like this, is to slow down and focus on one task at a time.  
  • Another risk is that you might fail to assume an executive role in the project and instead follow in blind faith. This typically results in morale issues and delays. If at any stage you find yourself unable to see the bigger picture, please view the resources provided or reach out to support. 
  • The final risk is fear. Some people experience anxiety when it comes to investing in their dreams, spending money, advertising themselves, teaching new groups or learners, the list goes on. This is normal. Bravery is doing the work anyway. A thriving, anxiety free business will be your reward.
  • A final word on risk: we're following a methodology which I encourage you to read about called "Agile Development" and the "lean startup methodology". Our approach will be to validate the market for both your offers (1. your workshop and 2. your signature package) as rapidly as possible with the least amount of risk. In other words, the least amount of work and the least amount of cost. This way we'll build out your premium online course using the money you've earned during research and development. Faith and a bit of work will make the journey an enjoyable one.


  • The fee is €599 per month
  • The completed project (all deliverables) is scheduled to take 3-4 months 
  • Once development is complete, you'll choose a plan 
  • See the aftercare tab for a detailed breakdown of your options going forwards
  • You can sign up to get started via the below form.
  • Upon receipt of payment, we can start immediately.


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