Blended Workshops

Rapidly launch a digital course you can advertise profitably

Blended workshops are the complete solution for subject matter experts wishing to quickly launch their first online course. This unique format allows you to grow your audience and generate revenue on auto-pilot without devaluing your brand. 

Blended workshops consist of 3 on-demand micro-lessons with interactive tasks, followed by a live feedback call. The format ensures you only speak to committed learners and greatly reduces development costs and turnaround times. If you'd like to learn how you can launch your blended workshop in just 8 weeks, talk to Brian.

Case Studies

Olivia Beck is a Clinical Nutritionist based in Limerick with many years experience helping people achieve optimal health through improved diet and lifestyle.

Carey Ann Lordan is a public relations and communications consultant, mentor and lecturer with over 15 years experience working with Irish businesses and the media.

Patrick O'Sullivan is a sales trainer and consultant based in Limerick City with 10+ years helping Irish small business owners to grow their businesses by building out strategies and refining their sales skills.

How it works

Why it works

The Human Touch

The Human Touch

You’re offering the human touch but only to committed learners

Real Goals

A Strong Offer

You're offering expert help with a meaningful goal for a small investment of time and money

Support Priced In

Support Priced In

You're letting people go at their own pace with quality support priced in

Build an audience

Build an Audience

You’re building an audience without damaging your brand 

No Gimmicks

No Gimmicks

You're not trying to trick or trigger prospects with hype or clever copy

Showcase Your Value

Showcase Your Value

You're teaching people about your value and how to work with you

Totally Unique

Totally Unique

You're standing out from the crowd by offering something unique

Repackage your expertise

Launch Fast!

With first-class support, just 2hrs per week gets you there in 8 weeks.

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